Wednesday, 23 April 2014


We found an enormous 0.1 fM of tracer up in the Argentine Basin! Exciting times indeed!

We are now working our way along the North Scotia Ridge and on the home straight to Stanley. At the moment we are doing a series of stations in Shag Rocks Passage, a deep channel in the ridge where the polar front squeezes through to meander its way north east. We are doing lots of CTDs in the passage so everything is pretty full on at the moment. When the stations are this close together we only just have time to take our samples from the rosette before it needs to go back in the water for the next CTD cast. Its also blowing a brisk 30 knots, and the sea is picking up.... Things are a little too hectic to write properly now.... but in my next spare moment I will fill you in on all the excitement of drifters, Argo floats, and samples, samples, samples!!

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