Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Land Ahoy!

Well here we are docked up in Punta Arenas. The Chilean pilots and customs folk are onboard sorting out the paper work for our disembarkation. It’s been a relaxed few days as we steadily steamed around the Argentinian point and through the eastern Magellan straits. Yesterday, a group of us got creative with stop-movie animations, which we will post up on You Tube soon – so keep an eye out!

Some nice skies on our journey back to Punta Arenas (photo by Heather)

Ollie, Siobhan and Katy catch some sunshine on the monkey island yesterday (photo by Ellen)

We are scheduled to stay here for a few days while some equipment is craned on and off the back deck. Some science equipment from the previous cruise is being taken off and the JCR is to be re-stocked with fuel (we take on 900 tonnes of fuel!) and fresh fruit and veg to ward off scurvy.

Dolphins outside Punta Arenas as we waited for the high winds to calm down so that we could get into port (photo by Tom)

The VMP is packed up ready to be sent back to Southampton and Paul, Jon, Katy and Mike are flying home tomorrow. The rest of the team are set to continue for the second leg of the cruise, which will take them back south into the Weddell Sea, where more exciting science and icy adventures are bound to happen. Siobhan and co. will keep up the blog – so don’t tune out yet.

The pilot boat comes out to meet the James Clark Ross (photo by Ellen)
The crew get to work unloading equipment from the back deck.

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