Monday, 3 March 2014

Two and a half days, 13387 km


8 am - Siobhan leaves Exeter with 600 bottle sample caps, two meters of copper piping and lots of heavy weather gear.

12 noon - The team meets up in Heathrow airport. Some new faces for everyone alongside  happy reunions from previous cruises. 

9.30 pm Madrid airport 
Some of the gang, bleary eyed but excited in Madrid airport.
From left to right: Mike, Heather, Kim, Ewa, Ollie, Andrew, Katy and Siobhan

Midnight - Madrid. Most of the DIMES crew depart, but poor Heather and Katy's flight is delayed. Will they make it in time for the connection in Santiago?


2 pm Santiago airport. After a rigorous examination of popcorn and science equipment at customs most of the clan soaked in some Chilean sunshine outside the airport, whilst nervously checking watches in the hope that Katy and Heather would arrive in time…but they made it. The flight provided some amazing views of the Andes with snowy peaks, volcanoes, glaciers and lakes. Have a look at Heather’s photographs below! 

9 pm – Land in Punta Arenas where Mike M and Brian were there to welcome us. Time to settle into our hotel before a science meeting (no rest for the wicked) and some much needed dinner!


  1. I like the bobbly hat in the picture of you at the airport. Bemused about the 'block head' though (i know they're called this because I've been watching Hair on bbc3 - recommend it for light relief on the voyage if you have iplayer!) megs x

  2. Hello Megs! We wondered who would spot Ripley, our mascot and future science experiment....I can't give any more away now. No iplayer unfortunately but there has been mention of a charity hair cutting night at sea. Hope all is well with you. Katy x

    1. Intriguing! Charity hair cutting night sounds terrifying Sheen, you might all end up like Ripley! x